Hello world!

5 Jun

Hi everyone, welcome to Raspberry & Coconut!  We shot the first video this weekend!  It’s a little unnerving to be in front of a camera, but I suppose it’s a learning experience.  If my instructions are hard to understand, I apolgize, I have a sore throat from spending the weekend with my family (love them!) and the cigarette smoke they generate (love that not so much).

Lauren’s sore throat protocol:
-Apple cider vinegar

Wet the washcloth with hot water, ring it out, lay on your back, and drape the hot washcloth over your neck.  Relax until the cloth cools off.  Mix 1t. salt and 1t. vinegar with ¾ c. warm water.  Take a mouthful, gargle ~15 seconds, spit.  Repeat until the mix is gone.  Do this in the morning and before bed, supplement with some vitamin C and zinc, and you’ll feel better in no time.

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