A perfect dairy- free cuppa coffee

29 Jul

Starbucks VIA + hot water + 1/4 c. Trader Joe’s unsweetened almond milk = PERFECT coffee.

If there’s anything I think about more than food.. it’s coffee.  The smell of it sets me into a tizzy.  The coffee itself, well, it changes me, man.  I don’t get hyper but it definitely flips a switch, transforming me from 8-AM “omg I hate riding the bus and work and hard boiled eggs” Lauren to Mother ‘freakin Theresa.  But I just hate black coffee, and dairy doesn’t sit well.  So, up until a few weeks ago, it was either deny my cravings or spend $2.50 at Crazy Mocha, add some half and half and sweet ‘n low, savor it for five minutes and spend the rest of the day with a mild tummy ache and the rest of the week with a pimple.  The former won out in all but my most desperate moments.

That was until I discovered Starbucks VIA through my boyfriend’s coworker, a member of a restaurant supply store that sells 50 for $10.  Lately, though, boyfriend’s stash is low and he’s being stingy with disbursements of said substance, despite my desperate text messages of “COFFEE PLZ PLZ PLZ” around 4:00 every day.  You can get them 50 for $28 at Amazon.com- free shipping, too!  Still only $.57 for 16oz!  Just add hot water, and dare I say it, it’s BETTER than chain coffee!

Also new to my life is Trader Joe’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I’ve tried SO MANY substitutes for creamer- Almond Breeze, hemp milk, coconut milk, coconut creamer, stevia, cashew milk… nothing ever measured up.  This stuff is awesome- it’s 40 calories per cup and the PERFECT mate for VIA.  I’m a fiend for sweetness, but this combo doesn’t need anything, it’s delightful and nutty and so much “lighter” than coffee with cream- perfect for summer!

I’ve found the Holy Grail of coffee for you, my dairy- free friends. So, tell me below- do you have a favorite brand of coffee? What’s your perfect ‘cuppa?

4 Responses to “A perfect dairy- free cuppa coffee”

  1. Animanarchy August 12, 2011 at 1:39 PM #

    I love coffee… almost any type I’ve tried. I usually don’t find much of a distinction between varieties. Instant is my least favourite but I think it’s ok and I’ve gone through lots of it when drip wasn’t available. I used to carry around a bag of instant coffee in my backpack and chug it back if I was tired. I saw it more as medecine than a beverage. Drip coffee I see as a beverage and sort of tonic.
    I recently went through a bag of organic medium roast, the first coffee I actually had to grind from the beans, and it was probably the best one I’ve tried so far, maybe because it was fresh. I mixed in a spoonful of raw honey and a bit of milk into each cup and drank about a pot at a time for three days in a row. It was almost too good! I bet it would have been amazing with cream.. I just didn’t have any because my parents won’t buy it for me that often and when they do buy it they often choose one with artificial ingredients that I don’t want to consume. I used to drink coffee like water and cut back about a month ago to very rare occasions but this week I’ve been on a coffee binge, thanks to that organic stuff. It got me hooked again. I smell it and I’m to coffee like a cat to catnip. (By the way, wild catnip freshly picked, especially a few of the buds/flowers, makes excellent iced tea. It’s also edible.). Now that all the beans are gone I’ve been mixing what’s left in the cupboard of the two. pre-ground varieties: President’s Choice West Coast Dark Roast and Van Houtte Kenya Bold and Fruity. They’re both good.

    • raspberryandcoconut August 12, 2011 at 2:21 PM #

      Haha I love your videos. I never heard of catnip tea…

      • Animanarchy August 12, 2011 at 5:16 PM #

        Thanks 🙂 and I forgot to mention, I also regularly add cinnamon to my coffee, whether with the grinds or in the cup, and it tastes good. Sometimes I’ll add cocoa in the grinds with or without cinnamon. The cinnamon tends to leave a bunch of tasty goop at the bottom of the cup, which is good on its own but delicious when mixed with honey. I suppose those are fairly common additives.
        Catnip tea is somewhat minty and very refreshing and is said to be relaxing, though I can’t attest to that because I’ve always had it on the go or in combination with other teas/herbs etc.

      • raspberryandcoconut August 13, 2011 at 3:24 PM #

        Oooh, never tried cinnamon, but I use cocoa sometimes. The “goop” is the best part!

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