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Campfire banana boats and 4th of July fun!

6 Jul

To all my American readers, I hope you had an awesome 4th weekend! I sure did! We (cameraman, friends, and myself) went up to Lyman Run for a few days, visited the PA Grand Canyon, I shot my first gun, went ATVing, watched friend Tom take 4th in the State birling championships, visited a dark-sky preserve, got lost on some scary dirt roads at 1 AM, and co-founded the sport of “Sparkling” thanks to an excess of sparklers and a little too much wine ;-).

Of course, there was plenty of awesome campfire food. This leads me to… my first ever… GUEST POST! Friend Sandy shows you how to make BANANA BOATS. These are a staple of our camping trips- I’m pretty sure we both learned how to make these in girl scouts. Two out of three not-passed-out-at-8 PM- from too much mountain air-campers (ahem… Rob) agree..they’re even better than S’Mores- and gluten free to boot! If you want to tsk-tsk at me for eating marshmellows, well, they’re fabulous stuffed with peanut butter and dark chocolate instead of the chocolate/ marshmallow combo we use in the video.



Fillings- marshmallow/chocolate, chocolate/peanut butter, peanut butter/jelly… get creative!

Cut a lengthwise gash in a whole banana (leave the skin on). Stuff with your fillings and wrap in foil. Lay it on the hot coals of your campfire for about 15 minutes. Open it up and enjoy- the banana should be caramelized (like bananas foster- we’re definitely pouring rum on it if we have some next time around). Sing the “banana boat” song in glee.

Non-food-related extras: Check out my video of the Galeton fireworks intro. This small town really knows how to party!

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